About us

The greatest legacy from my father is my love of the vine and its fruit. The childish memory lives on in me of the noise that was heard in my home with the treading of the grapes, the pressing, filling barrels and the image of those men covered in must, which I will never forget.

With the passing of the years, one of my dreams has come true in the district of Fray Diego in Tacoronte: my own vineyard, my own wine.

I invite you to share this dream by visiting our vineyard so we can show you on the spot all the tiny traditional details of the cultivation of the grapes and the preparation of our wines.

What is more, the magical setting made up of the village of Tacoronte, the north coast of Tenerife, Mount Teide in the background and the amazing sunsets give the final touch of flavour to our truly Canarian wines.



On a property of 50.000 m2, entirely planted with vines, stands Bodega Tabaibal.

The height at which the vineyards are, between 100 and 1,000 metres above sea level, allows a great variety of white Canarian grapes (Malvasía, Vijariego, Gual, Listán Blanco, Verdello, Muscatel, Marmajuelo, etc), to be planted as well as the main red-wine varieties tintas (Listán Negro, Negramoll, Tempranillo, etc) and it is the latter that make up most of the crop and give rise to the most interesting wines.

The vineyards are planted in highly-fertile soil, low in carbonates and on a subsoil of volcanic origin. These are highly permeablesoils, rich in minerals, poor in lime and with abundant potassium and phosphorus.



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